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Whistleblower Attorneys Standing Up for Individuals with Knowledge of Government Healthcare Fraud.

Are you aware of healthcare fraud on the government?

Florin Gray healthcare fraud lawyers have the talent, knowledge, and experience to help you maximize the value of your information. All consultations are strictly confidential.

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Healthcare Fraud

Almost 80% of all False Claims Act (FCA) cases involve healthcare fraud. Primarily related to the false claims submitted to Medicare/Medicaid for reimbursement. Get help from an experienced healthcare fraud attorney now.

The False Claims Act

The 150+ year-old False Claims Act (FCA) is the foundation of the whistleblower reward system and is the government’s most effective anti-fraud law, recovering billions of dollars each year.

What You Should Know

Filing a False Claims Act lawsuit is a serious undertaking. You may find yourself involved in the litigation for years, and its outcome could profoundly affect your life.


We will be here for every step of the journey toward justice.

Experienced Attorneys.
Professional Approach.

At Florin Gray, our unique False Claims Act experience gives us advantages over many others. Combined we have over 5 decades of experience litigating the False Claims Act and representing whistleblowers. During that time, we have represented massive companies facing hundreds of millions of dollars in damages. And we have represented the brave whistleblowers that ultimately decide to stand up to those companies. Although we now exclusively represent whistleblowers, our vast experience both prosecuting and defending False Claims Act cases has given us unique insights that allow us to best represent whistleblowers.

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